About Us

ISDTIS is the Paramount and the Trustworthy Skill Development and INTERNATIONAL Training Institute, founded and established in 2010. We help the students to build up their excel qualification on the International level and in the meantime, increase the employment opportunities by awarding the professional International certification and ISDTIS certificate courses. We create the sophisticated platform “Any Training Anywhere” such as IT, Quality Standard, BPO Competencies, University courses, Employment Skills, Soft & Management Skill courses and more, So one can learn any International Certification & Certificate courses from anywhere. Train the students in the most excellent way to face the various challenging competitive Exams and also act as the best consultant for the various job opportunities. ISDTIS are globally presence training institute but operate out of India . Popularly, ISDTIS operates in eight countries in the world directly like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and UAE.

Special features of the Institutions:

  • Diversified various Verticals
  • Training Consultancy Services: Levels Up to Top Management Professionals
  • Scientific approach to training need analysis & Knowledge gap management
  • International Standards with up-to-date compliance
  • Empowering Next Generation Professionals
  • Commitment by Capacity & Deliver by Capabilities

Group of ISDTIS Companies:

KTI International:

KTI International is one of the Pre-eminent & subsidiaries of ISDTIS Group of company, stand as the intellectual partner in delivering the activities like

  • Trainer Materials
  • Trainees study materials
  • Respective video
  • Words that contains voice
  • Relative games
  • Relative flip chart
  • Trainees certificate issuances
  • Training need Analysis

Eazy e learning International :

Eazy e learning International is one of the premier Self learning online platforms. It offers the flexible learning electronic platform and provide the complete supports in learning multiple certification & certificate courses or any skills training as well as ready-to-use content materials, video, game and more. They provide a huge range of e-learning solutions customized to meet your training more flexible than ever.

Main Differences between Class Room & Online learning / e-learning:

Class Room:

  • Classroom training is inflexible one because you need to travel, spend your energy and time.
  • Some people are very struggle & fear in facing the tutor and not a peaceful environment.
  • Physical platform is the boring one
  • No self-learning. So, you lose your creative skills
  • Blackboard learning. So, It is difficult to listen and take notes.
  • Fees are high compared to the online learning platform

Online Learning:

  • Online training is more flexible to learn from anywhere when you have the device with internet connection.
  • Beneficial for the learners, Free from facing the tutor and sit in the peaceful environment to learn yourself with quality materials & platform.
  • Enhance your creative with the best self-learning through materials.
  • Digital Online platform is an interesting one compared to the physical platform
  • Learn through e-learning games & quizzes and learn from any device
  • Save your time & energy
  • Cost-effective learning

Our Expertise towards your vision

A complete training and development – end to end solutions to organizational growth


Endeavor to be the World-class & candidate’s ideally preferred institution in training and development by providing constant globalized end on services.


  • ISDTIS aim is to stand as the Ground breaking in training and development solutions on current market demand. Meanwhile, We aim to generate skilled manpower to the various major vertical industries like Health Care / Oil & Gas / Banking & Finance / Information & Technology and Construction / HSE / Marine value added courses.
  • To Lead & offer a fantabulous service across the Whole Human Resource turnover to achieve the amazing results.
  • We offer our candidates regular & repetitive services with 100% quality assurance at International Standards. We multiply our statistics by extending our candidates with their referrals and recommendations.
  • We are giving training towards your international professionals and technical competency.
  • ISDTIS upgrade the level of student’s technical skills to enhance the productivity, efficiency and quality level of the industries.


Globally, We ensure to LEARN and serve THE BEST, through committing by capacities and serve by capabilities. Our dedicated team work towards professional knowledge enhancement on the assured organizational expectations.” LEARN ON TO EARN ON

Values behind the ISDTIS:

Our company promotes the experts who are diverse in the industry's management for the decades towards their stakeholders on globalized perspectives and determined with Principle.

" Success of past-succeeding along with customers-to surpass ever Services".

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